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A sad story reaches us from Delhi. An officer of the 79th Highlanders has caused the death of a native by beating him, and is in custody pending inquiry. The facts are said to be these. The deceased, a mason, was whitewashing some building in the Fort; by accident, the officer, whose rashness has brought him into a very unpleasant, if not dangerous position, was accidentally sprinkled when passing under the scaffolding. He called the man down and beat him so that he died. The letter before us makes use of the words “cruel” and “brutal,” but we hope the inquiry will result in the acquittal of the unfortunate gentleman of every intention to cause anything approaching bodily harm, much less death. Of course natives have their own tale. This is excusable, but the fact should be remember by those addicted to striking them.—Delhi Gazette. Dec 4.


  • Social cases. 1869