[The Standard, 19. Januar 1869]

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The Standard, 19. Januar 1869. S. 6.
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Jan 19 Anmerkung von Jenny Marx

SIR,—Although the winter has hitherto not been so severe as usual, yet the poverty and distress amongst us is so great that I ask to trespass on a brief space in your columns. In populations of upwards of 7000 there are at this time about 100 families entirely, and many others more difficult to estimate, more or less out of work. I leave the facts to tell their own tale—they are but a sample from those which are continually brought to me.

1. Man, wife, five children. Has had no work for six weeks; children in rage; literally nothing in their room.

2. Man, wife, four children. Wife recently confined; hard-working woman; seeking to support the family by mangling since husband has been out of work. Mangle has been seized for rent.

3. Man, wife, six children. Surgical instrument maker; wholly incapacitated from following his employment by disease.

4. Man, wife, daughter. Man, paralysed; wife, infirm; and daughter in bad health. Man once kept a respectable inn.

5. Blind widow and two children. Has just lost a son, aged 19, in consumption.

6. Man, wife, and wife’s mother. The latter bedridden. Man, cabdriver, entirely laid by, through accident and disease.

I write from a list of thirty such cases now before me. Need I recall the fact that, besides distress arising from want of work, there must be many cases of infirmity which need at this time more than ordinary help? To hope to alleviate this distress from the locality would be futile when more than two-thirds of the population is living from hand to mouth. I look, of necessity, for help from without, and I am confident that some who have it in their power will not suffer me to be a continual witness of misery which I am unable to relieve.—I am, yours truly,

ALLEN T. EDWARDS, Vicar of St. Philip’s, Lambeth.
39, Upper Kennington-lane, S. E., Jan. 18.


  • Social cases. 1869