[The Daily News, 18. Februar 1869]

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The Daily News. Nr. 7114, 18. Februar 1869. S. 2.
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Feb 18 Anmerkung von Jenny Marx

The statistical statements of the Poor-law Board furnishes the Returns of Pauperism in the Metropolis for the first week of February, 1868, compared with the numbers in the corresponding period of 1869.

In the West District there are the parishes and unions of Kensington, Fulham, Paddington, Chelsea; St. George, Hanover-square; St. Margaret and St. John, Westminster. In the first week of February in the present year there were 21,862 paupers, as against 21,746 last year.

The North District contains the unions and parishes of St. Marylebene, Hampstead, St. Pancras, Islington, and Hackney. Here the paupers numbered 30,605; last year they were 29,785.

The Central District comprises St. Giles and St. George, Bloomsbury, Strand, Holborn, Clerkenwell, St. Luke’s East London, West London, and the City. Instead of an increase, as shown in the two former districts, there is here a decided decrease. This year there were 25,750.

In the East District there are Shoreditch, Bethnal-green, Whitechapel, St. George-in-the-East, Stepney, Mile-end Old town, and Poplar. Here also there was a large diminution of pauperism—35,028 this year against 40,897 in February last.

The South District includes St. Saviour’s, Southwark; St. Olaveʼs, Bermondsey; St. George’s Southwark; Newington, Lambeth, Wandsworth, and Clapham, Camberwell, RotherLithe, Greenwich, Woolwich, and Lewisham. Here the decrease is very slight. This year there are 46,054 paupers, while last year there were 46,251.

The following comparative statement is annexed to the return:

   Number of paupers.
  In-door. Out-door. Total.
First week of Feb., 1869 37,061 118,040 155,101
  〃   week of Feb., 1868 37,192 127,237 164,429
  〃   week Feb., 1867 34,747 123,164 157,911
  〃   week Feb., 1866 32,479 74,782 107,261


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