February 15, 1868.

The Economist, 22. Februar 1868. S. 174–176.
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Report of Mr. Wells, the Special Revenue Comissioner on American Finance.

Durch Inland Revenue raised in Financial Year ending 30. June, 1867: £,31,000,000 (£ hier angenommen = $3). Nach Wells only 50% of what the taxpayer ought to pay reaches the National Treasury; of every 2$ which ought to come in, 1$ either not collected at all, or stolen or wasted before it reaches the Exchequer. Vor dem Civil War the Federal Gvt. subsisted upon the Customs’ duties and the public lands.

Die present production of Distilled Spirits in U. States wenigstens 50 Millions of proof gallons per annum. Present tax: $2 p. gallon. The largest amount of revenue collected in any one year, since imposition of present tax, 29,482,078$ in 1866, und 29,164,409$ in 1867. Thus the Gvt. has collected the tax on somewhat less than 1 gallon of proof spirits to every 3 gallons that has been manufactured. Das enhancement of price in Folge der tax has given to the illicit dealers aggregate profit of at least 30 Mlns $. Daher great agitation in spirit trade for the spirit duty. Sound financiers like Wells, want to reduce it. But the lobbyers prevent them. The higher the duty, the greater its uncollected half.

Ebenso mit dem nächst important duty, on Tobacco. Wells giebt Masse Methoden des Betrugs gegen den Staat etc.|

VI) Un. States.

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