29. February 1868.

The Money Market Review, 29. Februar 1868. S. 243/244.
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The Caledonian Railway.  Zusatz von Marx.
(Old Hudsons’s Maxim)

Latest Phase: Shareholders so infatuated or demoralised as to entrust to the chairman and old board such a mass of proxies as has overridden the decision of the general meeting, and practically re-delegated the reins of power to them. After this, who can believe for one moment in the genuineness of a Caledonian railway dividend? The accountants (to Committee of Inquiry) set forth dividend as very small; majority of shareholders would like to make them and the market value very high. (per xxx or xxxxx).

Up to this moment there has ruled that famous principle in railway accounting enunciated by old Hudson, when chairman of the Eastern Counties Railway, that „expenses should be made to square with the dividend, and not the dividend with the expenses.“

The Money Market Review, 29. Februar 1868. S. 247.
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Board of Trade Returns.

A) Imports. Computed Value of Principal Articles.
Month ended Nov. 30.
1865 1866 1867
Totals enumerated: £19,910,403 £17,841,738 £15,514,473
11 months ended November 30.
Totals enumerated £180,417,221 £211,541,118 £196,884,787
Deduct. Wheat 8,573,672 11,214,682 22,102,884
£171,843,549 £200,326,436 £174,781,903
Deduct raw cotton 49,294,092 70,665,438 48,338,241
£122,549,457 £129,660,998 £126,443,662
B) Exports Declared Value of All Articles of British and Irish Produce.
Month ended December 31
1865 1866 1867
All articles £15,030,088 £14,914,563 £13,252,593
12 months ended December 31
£165,835,725 £188,917,536 £181,183,971.


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