October 17. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 17. Oktober 1868. S. 359/360.
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Royal Bank of Liverpool. Keeping things in dark to make Matters Pleasant. (failure Oct. 1867)

On 24. Jan. ’67 declared dividend of 8%, and reported to shareholders that whole of capital und reserved fund of £75,000 intact. In Oct. ’67, 9 months later, whole of capital and reserve fund lost u.s.w. Harmood Banner, one of the most eminent accountants in Liverpool, tried to hush up, in order to „avoid publicity“. 12 months ago shareholders appointed Comm. of Investigation. At length, Mr. Watson, chairman of that committee, determined to present report; no sooner commenced reading it than interrupted by Banner. (in shareholders meeting convoked to hear the report.) Protested in name of liquidators. Warned them, the revelations in the report would be prejudicial to their interests etc; they might drive several creditors into Bankruptcy Court (während durch Stillschweigen diese Kerls andre beschwindeln und dadurch die Co. zahlen können); in consequence might have to pay other call of £5 p. share. Horsfall M.P. (one of the shareholders) told Banner: „Yes; it is your policy to keep things in the dark, and you have raised yourself to eminence by it; but it will not do in concerns like this.“


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