September 19. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 19. September 1868. S. 276.
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At the close of August ’68 „Middling Orleans“, p. lb., 111/4d., „Uplands“ 11d, „Middling Mobile“ 111/8d. At this time last year prices several pence higher for the same articles. Still the minimum nearly double that of period before the American war. At commencement of August ’68, owing to reduced stocks, there was a fair demand and trifling advance in prices, but there were heavy imports, and price of cotton fell again. [»]Towards the close of the month, however, there was a positive advance in value.« Dieß alles small movements. Question, ob cotton must fall definitely much lower? Dieß probable. The quantity of American cotton grown since last war seems to have exceeded all anticipation, and it is mentioned in Mssrs. Leech, Harrison, and Forwood’s circular that Brazilian cotton has been bought as a substitute for American, while East Indian, of which there is now a fair selection, it is gradually assuming a leading position, and will have in a great measure to supply the place of American until the new crop is available. The stock of cotton in this country and at sea is somewhat smaller now than it was  The Money Market Review: last year
, and consequently for the present existing prices may be supported, aber nicht für Dauer mit den neu geöffneten sources of supply.

The Money Market Review, 19. September 1868. S. 285.
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Land in Australia. (cultivated)

Land under cultivation in the Australian colonies, according to last returns, 2,500,000 acres, live stock: 600,000 horses, 4,000,000 cattle, 38,500,000 sheep, 400,000 pigs, total of more than 43 Millions head of stock.

The Money Market Review, 19. September 1868. S. 287.
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Foreign Trade of U. Kingdom for first half years ’68 ’67 und 66.

Imports: 1866 £139,377,961. 1867: £126,558,561. 1868: £128,533,367.

Exports. 1866: £92,857,830. 1867.: £87,613,484. 1868: £84,601,157.

The Exports to Foreign Countries for the first half years: 1866: £66,990,170. 1867: £64,685,265. 1868: £60,851,539. To the Un. States: 1866: £15,228,220. 1867: £11,951,179. 1868: £10,540,940. To British Possessions 1866: £25,867,660. 1867: £22,928,219. 1868: £23,749,618.


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