12. September 1868.

The Money Market Review, 12. September 1868. S. 258/259.
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The South African Gold Fields. The Colony of Natal.

Close to the colony of Natal, upon the territory of a chief friendly to England, who desires to place it under English gvt. The gold found in reefs of quartz, for 100ds of miles.

The Money Market Review, 12. September 1868. S. 265.
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Wheat Importations of 1868.

Wheat Importations of July ’68 below those of July ’67. Yet the total arrivals for the first 7 months of 1868 were 17% in excess of those of the same period 1867. Of the aggregate quantity of 20,706,791 cwt, Russia contributed 26%, U. St. 22%, Germany 16%, Turkey 12%, Egypt 12%, Illyria 4%, Chili 3%, Denmark 1%, Canada 1%, and other countries 3%. The supply from Russia and Germany was considerably less than that of 1867, but great increase from the U. States.


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