August 1. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 1. August 1868. S. 113.
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Board of Trade Returns

Show depression of Trade.

Exports, value, in June ’68 nearly 14 Mill. £., being £737,000 less than in May ’68, £1,557,000 less than June 1867 und £697,000 less than June 1866. Exports, value, first 6 months ending June ’68: £84,601,000 being £3,012,000 und £8,256,000 below those of corresponding periods of 1867 und 1866 respectively.

These Reductions chiefly to be attributed to changes in exports of textile fabrics, cotton manufactures showing the greatest falling off. Diminution in all chief articles (vgl. mit 1867 only) excepting cotton yarn, coals and copper.

Imports. „Computed Real value“ of enumerated articles for May ’68: 213/4 Mill. £, 21/2 Mill. less than May ’67 und 3 Mill. less than May ’66.

Aggregate Imports, ditto, for 5 months end. 31 May 1868 £90,168,000, merely £1,620,000 than same period 1867, aber £8,148,000 less than same time in 1866. Chief alterations, compared with same time 1867, Increase in Wheat imported from U. States, Egypt, Turkey etc and Decrease in imports of wool from Australia, and silk from India, China, and other places. Reduction of about 11/2% in value of cotton imported, aber slight increase in quantities for the 6 months ending June last.

The Money Market Review, 1. August 1868. S. 112.
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Panic and Investors.

After a panic, such as that of May 1866, comes prostration, when investors scarcely care to buy anything at any price; then a hesitating confidence; then full confidence; and at last gambling and another panic. This has been the ordinary routine, and in all probability it will continue.

The Money Market Review, 1. August 1868. S. 128.
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The Indian Trade.

Export from U. Kingd. nach India. amounted on April 30, ’68 to £7,008,951 as compared mit £5,762,596 in corresponding period of 1867, and £5,129,811 in that of 1866. The shipments to Madras have shown some depression this year, but Bombay and Scinde took British goods in first 4 months of this year to £1,817,511, as gegen £1,415,253 in period of 1867 und £1,433,181 in that of 1866. Similarly the value of the British goods taken by Bengal and Pegu in first 4 months of 1868 was £4,706,837, against £3,852,318 in 1867 und £3,102,947 in 1866 (corresponding periods).


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