July 11. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 11. Juli 1868. S. 27/28.
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Alderman Dakin.

This worthy is a director of the City Offices Co; Metropolitan Railway Co; South African Mortgage and Investment Co; London and Lancashire Insurance Co; chairman of the English and Scottish Marine Insurance Co; director of the Rhymney Railway Co.; chairman of the Grt. Western of Canada Railway; director of the Great Central Gas Consumers Co.; Metropolitan District Railway Co; Metropolitan Railway Warehousing Co; Cape (Eastern Province) Railway Co und was director in several Cos. now being wound up.

The Money Market Review, 11. Juli 1868. S. 28.
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H. E. Bird, public Accountant, Estimate of Railway (nach den official accounts der Directors (!)[)]

Diese estimates für die 18 largest British Railway Cos.
Capital expended, 1866 and 1867 by the 18 Railways £31,248,287
Gross Revenue earned by the same in 1866 and 1867 68,525,458
Working expenses charged against Revenue dt. dt. 33,528,073
Net Revenue 34,997,385
Surplus of Net Revenue over Capital expended £3,749,098
Paid away in Dividends and interest (dtto ’66 and ’67) £35,694,873
The Money Market Review, 11. Juli 1868. S. 29.
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Labor of Superintendence. Venezuelan Loan. („Venezuela: Its Government and its People, and the History of the Loan of 1864. By E. B. Eastwick, C. B. F.R.S., late Secretary of legation at the Court of Persia; and Commissioner for the Venezuelan Loan for 1864.“ (London. 1868.)[)]

 Kommentar von Marx. – Marx verweist auf I. Gerstenberg: Suggestions for Forming a Council of Foreign Bondholders. London 1868. Diese Schrift erhielt er von Sigismund Borkheim am 11. November 1868. Für seine Einschätzung der Broschüre siehe auch seine Briefe an Collet Dobson Collet vom 19. und 23. November 1868.
Dieser Kerl von der City geschickt zum Contrahiren des loans. Vgl. auch Isidor Berlinerblau Gerstenberg.

 Zusatz von Marx.
Dieser Eastwick sagt Achsen zuckend von den Creolen von Südamerika:
„Though they have many good qualities, they are averse to physical labour … Their wits are sharp, and they do well for superintendents; but as to work, that tries the sinews … All the haciendas in the country would go to ruin if it were not for the Indians and the mixed breeds.“ The Creols are good for nothing, sagt die Money Market Review »but as superintendents«.  Zusammenfassung von Marx in eigenen Worten.
Hauptwitz des Eastwick wie des Berlinerblau daß die Englische Regierung gegen Venezuela (die Regierung dort hatte den englischen Kapitalisten gewisse Zölle verpachtet) interveniren soll.
He reproduces despatch of Palmerston d.d. 1848, worin der emphatically asserts the rights of the British Gvt. to intervene in such cases. (gegen defaulting Gvts.)  Zusatz von Marx.
Und die Money Market Review sagt:

So long as the „profitable“ undertakings at home are the most profitable, and sufficient to absorb all capital seeking investment, that capital will no doubt be invested in them; but money, like every other commodity, will always seek the best market, and if foreign states are willing to pay higher rates of interest than can be obtained from home investments, it is natural that English capitalists should invest in foreign loans. And if a foreign state, as a state, contracts to pay a British subject, the latter has an undoubted right to the assistance of his Gvt., in enforcing the performance of that contract.|


The Money Market Review, 11. Juli 1868. S. 42.
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Income Tax. Ireland.

Amount of property and profits charged in Ireland: £21,231,567 in 1854, £23,399,021 in 1864, £25,273,390 in 1866.

The Money Market Review, 11. Juli 1868. S. 45.
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Australian Gold. Imports in U. Kingd. for 10 J. end. 1867 (inclusive).

1858. 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867
£.9,064,763 £.8,624,566 £6,719,000 £6,331,225. £6,704,753 £5,995,368 £2,656,971 £5,051,170 £6,839,674 £5,801,207.

When considered that the New Zealand gold fields have brought in contingent of gold during last 2 or 3 years, seen that gold yield in Australia proper has somewhat fallen off.


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