June 20. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 20. Juni 1868. S. 660/661.
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Frauds and Forgeries on the Leeds Banking Co. – Conviction of Edgeley.

Bank stopped autumn 1864. Sogleich wurde notorious that Greenland (the manager) perpetrated frauds und forgeries, in conjunction with several other parties, behind back der directors. Marsden, one of the real culprits, escaped to America ⦗his halfwitted clerk (a youth) sentenced, on Greenlands evidence, to 15 years penal servitude.⦘ Greenland etc schließlich pardoned. (Hardy refused to pardon Skaife, the poor boy, kurz nachher pardonirte er Greenland). Skaife still convicted felon. Greenland, for whose benefit he had signed the forged bills, and whose sanction he considered made the thing right, forthwith wended his way to the Mediterranean. Is there still living upon the fruits of his crimes. Edgeley, a socalled merchant of London (City), was one of the parties by whose forgeries and the connivance of Greenland the Leeds Bank defrauded to extent of about £108,000. Prosecution instituted by the official liquidator, 12 months since. Only last week Edgeley tried. On the pretext of Greenland’s absence (who refused returning) etc Edgeley succeeded to postpone the trial session after session. Endlich tried, Jury found him guilty, sentenced by judge to one year and 9 months’ imprisonment.


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