June 13, 1868.

The Money Market Review, 13. Juni 1868. S. 640.
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The East India Irrigation and Canal Co.

The actual results achieved by the East India Irrigation Co. in the Godavery District: Those works will distribute the enormous quantity of 1,500,000 cubic yards of water per hour, on an average, for half the year, and about 600,000 cubic yards per hour, on an average, during the other half, or about 9000 million cubic yards in all. These works have been constructed at a total cost of about 1 Mill. £. St., and allowing 9% for interest, management, and repairs, or £90,000 p.a., the cost of 100 000 cubic yards of water will be £1 only, whilst the actual cost hitherto paid by the cultivators is one rupee for 300 cubic yards, or £30 for 100,000 cubic yards, being 30 × the price at which the Co. can supply it. Encouraged by their success in this district, and the famine of Orissa, the Co. have now undertaken extensive works in Orissa, and also in the district of Behar. Great Progress already made in the Orissa undertaking – in fact, the head or main works have been completed, and water is being actually supplied over a considerable extent of country. But further capital is required for the extension of these works, and the Gvt. of East India have agreed |37 with the Company to pay for all water supplied by the Co. for the purpose of irrigation, the shareholders being thus secured against loss from the nonpayment of the water-rates in that district. The „Behar Undertaking“ has been strongly recommended by the Indian Gvt. By way of encouragement and guarantee, they have in this case also agreed to pay for all water supplied for the purpose of irrigation, upon condition that the Gvt. shall participate in a certain portion of the profits to be realised by the Co. after payment of 20% to the shareholders. Profits anticipated are calculated to realise 40 or 50% for the shareholders Zusatz von Marx.

The Money Market Review, 13. Juni 1868. S. 642.
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Cotton Statistics Bills.

In H.o.L. Lord Salisbury moved 3d reading of the measure. Brachte auch Petitions ein which complained of the injury done to the cotton manufacture by the speculation persistently carried on in the raw material; that manufacture representing 40 Mill. £. St. of capital and the labour of 1 Mill. Persons. Bill read 3d time and passed.


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