23. May 1868.

The Money Market Review, 23. Mai 1868. S. 559.
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Personal Liabilities of Directors in Jt. Stock Cos.

Herfordshire Herefordshire Bank Co. (illimited) failed June 1863 mit deficiency of about £36,000. Nur 24 shareholders. Einer alone had to pay 1/2 des deficits. Nun suit von Turquand, dem official liquidator der Bank, gegen surviving directors und die representatives of some deceased ones for the losses incurred. His charges against the directors: 1) that they had continued to carry on the business of the Co. for several years after the surplus fund and 1/4 of the capital had been lost, gegen die 108th Clause des Deed of settlement; 2) that they had paid dividends out of capital von 1846 till 1863; 3) that they had allowed other debts to stand over unpaid, published false reports und balancesheets; improperly sanctioned loans to one of themselves. On 18 April entschied Lord Romilly, master of the rolls, für den Kläger.

The Money Market Review, 23. Mai 1868. S. 576.
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French National Debt.

Now £485,300,000; of which £437,700,000 consists of Rentes, £36,000,000 floating debt, £11,600,000 of caution moneys reimbursable. After the introduction of the proposed loan of £17,600,000 the total debt will stand at £503,900,000.


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