April 4. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 4. April 1868. S. 387/388.
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Crisis of 1866 und Nachwehn.

Never a period of dull suffering and depression so long and continuously felt. … Two main elements of distraction and depression of late: Windings up and railway insolvency. Enormous calls under windings up. Others sufferers by stoppage of their dividends. Dann uncertainty der victims as to their ultimate liabilities, preventing them from dealing with their remaining means. Crippling of resources and paralysis of action. Andrerseits now beginning to tell the payment of creditors of Cos. in liquidation, and the settlements with debenture holders in Railway Cos. These transfers of capital are coming largely in relief, and every day they will become more operative, as seen by course of Overend etc, Imperial Mercantile Credit etc. These transfers not absolute equivalents, but come greatly in mitigation. The fearful expenses in winding up, going in diminution of the property of creditors and debtors, constitute a transfer to attorneys, accountants etc to their profit.

The Money Market Review, 4. April 1868. S. 391.
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Board of Trade Returns.

A.) Imports. „Computed Real Value.“
1866 1867 1868
Enumerated Articles £10,394,443 £10,063,066 £9,477,083
Deduct Raw Cotton 3,341,901 1,076,616 688,424
£7,052,542 £8,986,450 £8,788,659
Deduct Wheat 984,355 1,551,919 2,091,896
£6,068,187 £7,434,531 £6,696,763.
B) Exports of British and Irish Produce und Mnfct. Declared Value
January and February
All articles £29,470,811 £27,232,914 £26,593,667

Also Import und Export Abnahme in Trade.

The Money Market Review, 4. April 1868. S. 391/392.
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Railway Wear and Tear. Cost of Production.

An enormous amount of useless and unprofitable force is expended upon every train on every railway, and this useless expenditure of force aggravates the loss to proprietors, by so wearing the rails as to make them require frequent renewals at very great expense. Take the case of the Metropolitan Railway . Mr. Fairly proved (sieh oben, March 26 21. ’68) that 30 tons of dead weight are carried carried on that line in proportion to 1 ton of paying weight. What business can be well carried on at a working expenditure  Zusatz von Marx.
of 30% in proportion to a paying expenditure of 1%? Opposition against improvement in this respect on part of engineers not belonging to the newest school in practical engineering.


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