7. March. 1868.

The Money Market Review, 7. März 1868. S. 276
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Profits of the Bank of England.

Rate of dividend for the half year.
Half year ending Sept. 5 1866 61/2
March 6 1867 51/2
Sept. 4 1867 41/2
March 5 1868 4
The Money Market Review, 7. März 1868. S. 280.
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Board of Trade Returns.

1865 1866 1867
Imports year ended 31. Dec. Computed Value of Articles enumerated: £219,393,987 238,773,192 220,862,585
Exports ditto. Declared Value. British und Irish Produce und Manufacture 165,835,725 188,917,536 181,183,971
Import Trade
Month ended December 31
1865 1866 1867
Totals enumerated £38,930,967 27,174,309 23,977,798
Year ended December 31.
Totals enumerated £219,393,987 238,773,192 220,862,585
Deduct wheat £9,775,616 12,983,090 24,985,096
£209,618,371 225,790,102 195,877,489
Deduct raw cotton 66,032,193 77,521,406 51,997,766
£143,586,178 148,268,696 143,879,723
Raw Cotton Imported
Quantities cwts: 1865: 8,731,949 1866: cwts 12,295,803 1867: cwts: 11,272,651
Computed value: £66,032,193 £77,521,406 £:51,997,766
A) Exports January B) Imports. B) Imports December
January 1866 £14,354,748 December 1865 £38,930,067
1867 12,768,842 1866 27,174,309
1868 12,252,688 1867 23,977,798.
The Money Market Review, 7. März 1868. S. 282.
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Railway Finance (Inserted)

If placed to capital  The Money Market Review: reckless expenditure
(irrationelle Ausgaben)
, there will be a perpetual reduction of future dividends of shareholders (common stock); if charged to revenue, that course would be ruinous to his present income.  Kommentar von Marx.
(Aber die Gegenwart ihm die Hauptsache)


The Money Market Review, 7. März 1868. S. 293.
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Import of Cotton in 1867.

U. States: cwt 4,715,733 First year since 1861 in which cotton Import from U. St. > import from British India.
British India: 4,449,259
Ejypt 1,127,541
Brazil 628,761
Turkey 57,024
Bahamas und Bermuda 10,623
China 4,707
Mexico 22 cwts
Other Countries 278,981
Total cwt 11,272,651.

Quantity Exported from U. Kingd. in 1867 cwts 3,130,593, leaving 8,142,058 cwt, excess of imports over exports, quantity 4 times exceeded, in 1859, 1860, 1861 und 1866.

The Economist, 11. Januar 1868. S. 33.
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Fires and Incendiarism. Economist. 11 January. 1868.

The evidence given before the Select Committee on Fire Protection startling. After carefully weighing the evidence presented to it, the committee reports that apparently 1/3 of the fires which occur in England are intentional. … There is such a competition for business among the various offices, that it is better worth their while to pay fraudulent claims than to alienate new insurers. „The sympathy of the jury, and of the Court, is always against the office“, says the Imperial Fire Assurance Office. – Insurance office which prosecute are supposed to do so with an eye to personal advantage – and that the verdict of guilty for which they strive, is in reality a verdict for the amount of the policy. … The assessor to the County Fire Office gives as a list of the classes with whom fires are most frequent: „small shopkeepers on the verge of bankruptcy; foreigners principally of the Hebrew Persuasion, Germans or Poles; the stock of these persons consists principally of dummies or imitation goods made of plaster of Paris; cheesemongers and chandler-shop keepers have half-tubs of butter, sides of bacon, bladders of lard, cheeses; grocers have loaves of sugar, chests of tea, and reams of paper; tobacconists have cigars in bundles; tailors and linendrapers, rolls of cloth made of straw, and parcels filled with sawdust; publicans, wine merchants, and perfumers, the contents of bottles are coloured water.“

The insurance offices remark that whenever one branch of trade is depressed, fires are sure to happen among their votaries.


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