London Bullion Market, during December 1867. (Money Market Review)

The Money Market Review, 7. Dezember 1867. S. 598.
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First Week. ending 7 December ’67.

Gold: Owing to the scarcity of bills on Paris, demand for gold has been very good, and the arrivals being but small, £525,000 withdrawn from the Bank. On the other hand £28,000, in sovereigns, chiefly from the Brazils, have been sent in. About £774,000 now on way from Australia, of which £306,000 may be considered as due. The Mandingo has brought £12,730 from the Cape; the City of Baltimore £1000 from New York; the Shannon £6,460 from Brazils, the Hammonia £2,230 £2,330 from New York, Zusammen: £22,520. The Tamar has also arrived from West Indies mit £340,000, of which about half is expected to be Gold.

Silver: The Deutschland brought £20,000 in Dore Silver. The market not active, last price 601/2d. per oz. standard.

Mexican Dollars quiet, scarcely any business since 28 Nov. owing to absence of arrivals. On 7 Dec., this day, the Mexican dollars by steamer Tamar sold to day at 4s. 11d. (also 59d.) p. ounce.

The Money Market Review, 14. Dezember 1867. S. 626.
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Second Week, ending 14 Dec. ’67.

Gold: No active Demand for export, only £107,000 withdrawn from the Bank; this, together with the undermentioned arrivals, has been sent abroad. The Rifleman brought £57,000 from Sydney; the Scotia 8000, the Denmark 11,300, both from New York. Total £76,300. The Oneida has taken £57,800 to Brazils und the Roman £30,000 to the Cape. The vessels now on their way from Australia are: The Anglesey mit £211,000; the Ninevah mit £38,500; |77 the Lincolnshire mit £336,000 und the Kent mit £130,000; total: £715,500, of which £249,500 may be considered due.

Silver: Silver ex Tamar sold at 60d.7/16 p. oz standard, but the demand is not now so active; we quote the nearest price as 603/8d. p. oz. standard. The Oneida has taken £8000 to the Brazils, but the demand is chiefly for the Continent.

Mexican Dollars remain at 59d. per oz., but as the demand is principally for refining purposes, this price not firm. The Bavaria has brought 17,000£ Mexican, and the Zeta about £20,000 of Chilian und Bolivian dollars. The St. Laurent has also arrived at Brest, mit £67,000 from New York; the portion on English Account is not yet known. On 14 Dec: Owing to a diminished demand of the Continent and expected arrivals from Mexico and New York, quotations for bar silver and for Mexican dollars have declined 1/8d. p. ounce, viz. to 5s. 03/8d. und 4s. 107/8d. respectively.

The Money Market Review, 21. Dezember 1867. S. 654.
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Third Week ending 21 Dec. ’67.

Gold: Arrived: Ninevah from Sydney mit £38,000; the Cuba from Boston mit £5,500; the America, from New York mit £18,400; City of Paris, von New York, £2000; the La Plata, from the West Indies £68,650; the Delta (overland, from Melbourne) mit £57,119; the Ethiope, from Africa, mit £5000. The whole of the above has been taken for exportation, and in addition £53,000 withdrawn from Bank, while 107,000 sovereigns have been sent in Demand for export sufficiently active to absorb all immediate arrivals. Anglesey (from Melbourne) fully due, may be daily expected.

Silver Market inanimate, but without change in price, the small amount by the la Plata sold at 603/8d. p. oz. standard, for the Continent, there being no demand whatever for the East. The La Plata, from the West Indies, brought £101,350 in bar silver and silver coin, chiefly from the West Coast of South America.

Mexican Dollars sold at 587/8 p. oz. being decline of 1/8. The Panama has arrived at St. Nazaire, from Vera Cruz, mit £19,260, on English Account.

The Money Market Review, 28. Dezember 1867. S. 680.
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Fourth Week ending 28 Dec. ’67.

Gold: Shipments of gold on a considerable scale have commenced from New York, and seem probably to continue for some time; the amounts hitherto received, detailed below, have been taken for export, but enquiries not very numerous, the continental exchanges having lately risen to a degree that somewhat diminishes the demand. The Flamsteed brought £62,650 from the Brazils; Pennsylvania £13,500 von New York und ditto von New York: Persia £121,600; Weser £28,530; Etna £60 000; France £12,000. Total £298,250. The Ripon has taken £26,990 to Alexandria. Von B.o.E. withdrawn £19,600, sold to it £.35,000.

Silver: Quiet Market. No change in rate. The Ripon has taken £6,130 to Shanghai, but the operation is quite exceptional. Demand for bar silver chiefly for the Continent, price has a drooping tendency.

Mexican Dollars. Ripon has taken £24,590 to Hong Kong on Gvt. Account; but demand for China is not general, and this description of coin taken chiefly for refining purposes. The dollars ex Panama have been sold at 4s. 107/8d. p. oz., same rate as last Week.


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