9 February, 1867. N. 349.

The Money Market Review, 9. Februar 1867. S. 173/174.
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The National Freehold Land Society.

Building Societies have become a great institution. The National Freehold Land Society is 17 years old, originated from a desire to extend the electoral franchise. In 1856, in order to meet legal requirements, the property committee of the society was converted into the British Land Co. A separate capital was raised and a separate organisation established. From that period – Sept. 3 13, 1856 – the National Freehold Land Society’s sole business has been to receive deposits and to make advances on real security, and the British Land Co. has been its largest customer. Gute Geschäfte, high dividends, no losses incurred.

The Money Market Review, 9. Februar 1867. S. 175.
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London, Chatham and Dover. (Peto)

Peto made speech in Bristol in October ’66; darin he read a letter from Mr. Morgan, the accountant of the Co, stating that he himself attended before the magistrate with a gentleman from office of Freshfield et Newman to make the necessary deposition. So it was on the oath of the official representative of Co., and of the representative of their legal advisers that the debentures were issued.

6) U. States.

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