7 December 1867. N. 392.

The Money Market Review, 7. Dezember 1867. S. 589–591.
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Incendiary fires. Blue Books of Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry, published in last Session. (1867[)]

P. M. Dove, manager und actuary of the Royal Insurance Co, says in his Evidence: had in 1865–66: 3,036 fires; causes ascertained 1,732 cases, oder 57%, but in 1176 or 38% „causes unknown or unsatisfactory“, great proportion of them suspicious. Amount paid on policies, where causes satisfactorily explained, nur 24%, auf andre 61%. Many of these fires their „frightful source“ in deliberate design of warehousemen or servants, to conceal robberies perpetrated upon their employers. In Liverpool, says Dove, [„]viele solche fires durch warehousemen; when the time came to take stock, best method of getting rid of the difficulty, to fire the premises. One of those men tried, confessed his crime, sentenced to 10 years’ penal servitude.“ In other case: Culprit of 4 brothers, who seem to have devoted themselves to the business of insurance and incendiarism as trade to live und thrive by. „One of the brothers has had 2 fires in 1 town; another 1 fire in another town; the third 1 fire in another town, all of which were insured in other Cos, and 4th brother had an insurance with the Royal.“

The Money Market Review, 7. Dezember 1867. S. 591.
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Bank Shares. Recent Variations in prices. Dividends.

National Provincial Bank of England announces dividend und bonus of 20% p.a. for current half year, 22% in corresponding period last year. Die London and County Bank have all the advantages of London Banks as regards obtaining deposits on the lowest terms that prevail und can avail themselves of the higher rates charged in the agricultural districts for accommodation, which, even in times as the present, rarely descend much, if at all, below the old orthodox 5% p.a., with the usual commissions.

W. Abbott in seiner Stock Exchange monthly price list, gives dividends last paid (first half year 1867) und Prices of stocks und shares. Dividends varying zwischen 43/8 und 113/8% p.a. ⦗reckoned on present prices⦘, the average return from 31 foreign and colonial banks: 7£. 16s. 3d. %. On the quotations of 1st July ’67 the Return would average about £7, 15s. 10d %, at Dec. 1 1866 average £8. 13s. %, on 2 July ’66 £8, 10s. 8d %, on Dec. 1. 1865 £7, 12s. 6d %. Shares of London und Westminster before issue of the new shares £96, now £100. Shares of London Joint Stock Bank on June 1 £46, on 1st Dec. 67 £371/2 ex the new shares, or, with 1/9 of the present premium on the new shares, at £381/2. London and County Bank shares on 1st June 61, 1st Dec. 54; Union Bank at corresponding dates £46 und £35 respectively. The variations in these 4 Banks as follows: London und Westminster advanced 41/8%, the others declined, London et County 111/2%, London Jt. Stock Bank 181/2%, Union Bank 24%. This decline in great measure due to prevailing despondency in the markets for all Joint Stock Bank undertakings. Shares have been brought to market to provide for calls in other Cos.


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