August 17, 1867. N. 376.

The Money Market Review, 17. August 1867. S. 167/168.
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Overend, Gurney et Co.  Zusatz von Marx.
(Judgment of H. o. Lords für creditors gegen shareholders)

On 15 August this judgment der Lords on the appeals. Das judgment gefällt im Sinne des Vice Chancellor Sir R. Malins durch die 3 alten Esel (law lords) Lord Chancellor (Chelmsford), Lord Cranworth und Lord Colonsay, the Scotch judge. Lord Westbury, Lord Romilly, and Lord Justice Cairns, also law lords, each of whom had previously given or concurred in judgments in equity in conflict with that [of] Malins, neither of them was present.

The Money Market Review, 17. August 1867. S. 172/173.
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Credit Foncier of England (limit.)

Those undertakings obstructed and thwarted by a condition of panic, followed by a state of chronic distrust. The present stage is that of a slow revival, held to some extent in check by the caution and timidity that constitute the natural reaction from the recent experiences. Credit Foncier balance for past half year of £62,000, of which the directors propose £30,000 to distribution of profit, or 3s. per share, free of income tax, and to carry over the remainder. The following are 6 of the principal investments of the Co. as they now stand in the books:

City of Milan Improvements Co. £: 243,615
Varna and Rustchuck Railway 196,467
Belgian Public Works 107,279
Irrigation Co of France 282,740
Imperial Land Co of Marseilles 225,666
Millwall Docks 145,526.

3) Board of Trade Returns.

  • Week ending June 2, ’66 (196) Their Incompleteness (Week ending Nov. ’66 etc (257) Food Supply Nov. ’66. (232)


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