22 June 1867. N. 368.

The Money Market Review, 22. Juni 1867. S. 722.
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The Gellivara Co. (limit.)  Zusatz von Marx.

On 14 August 1866 the directors stated: (Report): £130,640 received in deposits and calls, £130,640 £139,640 of debentures due June 1867; and £50,747 due on mortgage. Total: £320,807. The chairman further stated that £288,000 required to complete the works, less £50,000 already expended. What has been done with the difference between 50,000 expended, and the £320,807 obtained from shareholders, or borrowed at their cost? Has this 270,807 been paid for the mine? Who were the owners of this mine? Were any of our projectors or directors proprietors of the mine? If so, they were vendors for themselves and purchasers for us,  The Money Market Review: a peculiarly perilous position for themselves morally, and a peculiarly perilous position for us financially
a position for themselves morally, and for us financially perilous position
. The mine useless, unless upwards of 1/4 mill. l. St. laid out in forming a communication between it and the coast.


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