23 March. 1867. N. 355.

The Money Market Review, 23. März 1867. S. 362.
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Commercial Morality. (Continued) (Overends)

 Zusatz von Marx. „1915“ ist das Pseudonym eines Verfassers einer Reihe von Leserbriefen an die „Money Market Review“.
1915 sagt u.a:
As to Scholefield’s (member of Parliament for Birmingham) „unabated and unbounded confidence“ in Harry George Gordon, I might have reminded Scholefield how „unabated and unbounded confidence“ in a colossal delinquent had, not many years ago, dragged the Birmingham Bank, with which the same Scholefield connected, |259 to the very brink of ruin; and, to cite a more recent instance, the shareholders of the Bank of Australasia expelled a director for his „unabated and unbounded confidence“ in James Freeling Wilkinson, notwithstanding the „unabated and unbounded“ confidence of his colleagues, as distinguished from his constituents.

It was Gordon’s Position at the „Oriental Bk. Corporation“, as head of the foremost establishment of its class, which has procured to him a seat at so many boards, and more expressly at the board of Overend, Gurney et Co (lim.)[.] Nay, in the delusive prospectus itself, he stands stereotyped for ever, as challenging, in that capacity alone, the „unabated and unbounded confidence“ of the public. To many, the Oriental Bank Corporation became so the finger-post that marked the road to ruin. Hence special duty dieser Corporation den Gordon herauszuschmeissen.


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