2 March 1867. N. 1227.

The Economist, 2. März 1867. S. 231/232.
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Mr. Leeman’s Bill for Regulating the Sale of Bankshares.

To prevent the „bear“ operations on the stock exchange in Bank shares. At the time, when credit was much disturbed, speculators sold, for future delivery, shares in banks on a large scale, which they did not possess – they then propagated bad rumours as to these banks – thus depressed the prices of the shares – they then gained the difference between the comparatively high price at which they sold the shares when the bank credit was good, and the comparatively low price at which they bought, when partly by their own machinations the bankcredit had become bad. Often great profits in this way gained last year. On the shares which, like those of the Agra and Masterman’s bank, went forth at a high premium, and then, by the failure of the bank, fell to be worth less than nothing, the differences were often very large. The dealers in bank shares gained by the destruction of the whole bank, and intended so to gain. Leeman’s bill checks this practice by providing; providing that no man shall sell bank shares which he has not got, and requiring, as a guarantee of his having them, that he shall state their „numbers“ in the register when he sells. Nobody could then sell bank shares which he hoped to buy in the market, because he would never know that he could get hold of the particular shares his sale note mentioned … The price of bankshares is, now that the blot is hit and the danger known, more depressed by its being known that this kind of property is subject to annihilation by well planned machinations than it would be depressed by the exclusion of bankshares from the speculative market.

The Economist, 2. März 1867. S. 233/234.
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Board of Trade Returns.

1864 1865 1866
Exports: 160,449,053£. 165,835,725 188,827,785.
Exports in December only: 12,095,437£. 15,030,088 14,914,363.

Computed value of the principal Articles Imported for 11 months: 1864: £197,448,426. 1865: 180,820,357. 1866: £211,539,785

1864 1865 1866
In November only the imports were £.16,164,570 19,190,403. 17,841,738.|

9) Miscellaneous

  • (Law of Demand and Supply) (105, 110)
  • Coal Supply (1–3, 15–17) London Gas (93. 94. 130) Gas (Subways) (159)
  • Saving Banks (70) National Debt (117) Frauds of Shopkeepers (110)
  • Mortality in England (1865) (168.)
  • Trade Returns (29, 30, 33) für 1867 (123, 125) Foreign Trade (115)


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