7 December 1867. N. 1267.

The Economist 7. Dezember 1867. S. 1377/1378.
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Money Market.

England is a large importer of vegetable produce, and, therefore, her paying account is largely dependent on the season of the year. All tropical produce on the one hand, and all the produce of iceclosed northern countries on the other, are paid for in the autumn, and, perhaps, the greater part in the later autumn, and, therefore, the value of money always, other causes being taken out of the account, tends to rise from October onwards. … An augmenting trade is necessary to employ our gradually accumulating capital. If even for a year trade does not increase, a certain amount of saving clogs the market which it is difficult to employ. Now both Imports and Exports less than last year.

1866 1867
Imports (9 months) 174,168,898£. 161,963,750l.
Exports (10 months) 158,832,792l. 153,051,639l.

But if trade should revive, there is not yet any great accumulation of |179 capital to keep down the rate of interest. Much bullion in the Bank of England und Bank of France, aber their liabilities have also much amended. The private deposits of the Bank of England were: 1864: £12,666,764, 1867: £,18,507,007. In the Bank of France no increase of deposits, but of note circulation. 1864 nämlich £.28,891,656 und 1867: £45,693,632.

The Economist, 7. Dezember 1867. S. 1382.
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Paris 5 December. Credit Mobilier.

Meeting of Shareholders Saturday last. Danach Verlust durch decline in the values of securities held f.51,192,260. Presumed Loss on different accounts (bills, advances to Cos., doubtful Credits) 3,160,886. Zusammen 54,353,146; Nach Abrechnung von Profits: f.47,542,000 (= 1,901,688 £ St) Dieß loss. Liabilities: f.68,152,000. Assets: 143,402,000f. Bleibt balance of 72,250,000f. Aber capital actually paid up f.122,792,000 out of 124,000,000 due. Bleibt der obige loss of 1,901,688l. St. Die shareholders wanted to have a detail of the securities held by the Mobilier; verweigert, because such a document would encourage adverse speculation. Aber aus dem Report des Censors ergiebt sich, that part of the securities consist of debentures of the North of Spain Railway, and the Immobilière Co., the Transatlantic Steam Navigation Co. to 28,675,000f., and shares of the Magasins Généraux, North of Spain Railw., Immobilière Co, Spanish Credit Mobilier for 22,500,000f.


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