3 August 1867. N. 1249.

The Economist, 3. August 1867. S. 877.
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Paris. 1 August. Failures in Building Speculation.

Building Cos. in Paris seem not destined to prosper, notwithstanding the vast number of new houses which the immense demolitions of Prefect Hausmann necessitates. The difficulties of the Great Immobilière Co. are well known. The directors of another Co., the Immobilière de la Rive Gauche, were obliged to avow in a recent meeting of shareholders that its debts were 15,607,428f., and the assets, consisting of houses and building ground, only 10,563,266f. So deficit of 5,044,152. A third building Co, that of the Boulevard du Temple, failed some time back. The great speculators in housebuilding are also said not to be prosperous.

Manufacturing Towns: Iron trade has continued very inactive.


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