19 January, 1867. N. 1221.

The Economist, 19. Januar 1867. S. 58.
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The Danger of mixing up Acceptances and Deposits in the Banking Accounts.

Suppose the liabilities of a Bank, viz. deposits and acceptances together, have, at 31st Dec. 1866, fallen off, say 3,000,000l., as compared with June, 1866. The Bank may have shortened sail, and reduced its acceptances, or lost public confidence, so that public has reduced its deposits. While the accounts are put together no human being can tell which. The chairman of one bank has defended the combination of these distinct liabilities, upon the ground that it was not desirable, that the source of the bank’s profit should be revealed.

The Economist, 19. Januar 1867. S. 60–62.
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Letters of Creed and Williams on the danger of foreign competition in the iron trade and the subsidiary branches of industry.

The Economist, 19. Januar 1867. S. 62/63.
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Government Notes“ by R. Slater.  Zusatz von Marx.
(Mintnotes) (Bullion notes)

Hat gezeigt, in a pamphlet, December 1857, from actual commercial transactions reduced to the scale of one million, that gold entered only to about 3% of the whole, banknotes 8%, bills of exchanged exchange to 53%, cheques to 36% of the actual circulation. Let the Mint, or some public body, be the recipient of standard gold, and issue its certificates for its value at 3l. 17s. 101/2d. per oz. These certificates, or notes against bullion, will circulate over the whole of Europe, without the necessity of exporting bullion. But above all, that bullion will belong to the people in whom the capital of the country is really invested, will be distributed amongst them, and not be concentrated in the hands of the Bank.

3) Banking and Currency.

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