June 1. 1867. N. 1240.

The Economist, 1. Juni 1867. S. 612/613.
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Taxation in the U. States. (apart from Customs)

Nach dem „Commercial Chronicle“ (New York) the assessment per head of the New York State more than double the rate paid in England, nämlich. $9.95 per head in Great Britain und Ireland. und $22.75 in New York State.

The Economist, 1. Juni 1867. S. 613.
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Emigration from Ireland.  Zusatz von Marx.
(State of Agriculture.)

Mr. Robertson, an agricultural expert, commissioned to report on the state of some Irish counties[,] states: „There is a very large area of grassland, which is in a very impoverished condition. The land is grazed year after year; young cattle are reared, and dairy produce sold; but nothing is returned to the soil. It will not be long before the Irish farmer experiences that this system will end in the total exhaustion of the land.“ Lord Dufferin himself, in his book, just published on Irish Emigration and the Tenure of Land in Ireland, says; in reference to the conversion of tillage land into pasture, p. 298: „It is attributable chiefly to the difficulty of getting labourers. The Irish tenant has to take his capital out of the farm in place of putting it into it.“ Caird in Brief an Times (May 1867) says: „What I feel is that the nation is being weakened by the withdrawal, year after year, of so many of the young, strong, and intelligent. It is no longer a question solely of landlord and tenant, for this constant drain is a national loss.“


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