March May 11; 1867. N. 1237.

The Economist, 11. Mai 1867. S. 521/522.
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Brighton Railway.

In case of 3 lines (Surrey and Sussex, Chichester and Midhurst, und West Sussex Junction Railway Co.), of which the directors of the London and Brighton or their nominees were themselves directors, they have incurred, on behalf of the Co., liabilities never explained to the proprietors, and which, if explained, would have been repudiated. Ferner: False Accounts, speciell Verheimlichung von temporary liabilities.

The Economist, 11. Mai 1867. S. 523/524.
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Letter of Sir John Lubbock. d.d. May 9, 1867. Clearing House.

Er giebt, to be continued weekly, the Returns of the Clearing House, each day in the week. These returns will be published the same day as those of the H.o.C. B.o.E.

1839 Exports were £53,233,580 und The average clearing of 1839: £18,400,000.
1866 £188,827,785 und The Clearing for Week commencing Thursday 2 May und ending Wednesday, 8 May: 57,024,000.

The amount of clearing for 1 May, 1866 was 8,006,000l. The largest amount which passed through the Clearing House in any one day in 1839 was 6,209,900l. und the smallest was 1,529,700l.


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