13 April. 1867. N. 1233.

The Economist, 13. April 1867. S. 427.
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Manufacturing Markets.

Manchester. April 11. Very dull market for both yarns and cloth; during the last 3 days very gloomy feeling owing to the generally current opinion now that prices must give way much further, owing to the languid demand for goods and the large supplies of cotton now coming forward. Prices are all lower and very irregular, some few wealthy producers adhering pretty firmly to our quotations; but the bulk are now anxious sellers, owing to their stocks becoming too unwieldy to hold. All anticipate lower prices.

Birmingham. Second quarterly meeting (on 11 April) der ironmasters of the Birmingham district. The quantity of finished iron sold was under the average, but there was a certain steady kind of trade doing; and producers seemed less anxious to press for orders than they did last quarter day. A demand for a large quantity of finished iron on account of the East Indies and Australia is said to be certain, contributed to cheerful feeling. The market for pig iron firmer, a considerable quantity of that class of iron sold to-day at 3l. 10s. per ton for all mine hot blast; cinder pig has sold 2l. 12s. 6d. per ton. We quote pig iron at 1s. 3d. per ton above the price of last quarter day.

Wolverhampton: Orders for iron continue far below the capacity of the works, although there is more doing than in the first months of the year.

Sheffield: The large iron und steel houses are doing a brisk trade in Bessemer steel for railway rails und other purposes. Some of them have also fair orders for railway wheels, springs and buffers. In most other departments business still languid.

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