| London 30 Decemb. 1868.

My dear Sir,

I enclose the paper on “the titles given to the Czars of Muscovy” which I have at last found. The pith of the paper is this, that the Czars were only x(?) // named “Emperours” in the sense in which the princes of Morocco and Fez and other Non-European Princes were styled so. But Peter I claimed the title of Emperor in the sense in which it was given to the German Emperors.

During the course of this year a great many books and pamphlets have been published in Russia (in Russian language, of course) on the progress of Russia in Central Asia. Mr. Borkheim has a collection of those prints. I have prevailed upon him to put together the facts, quoting at the same time the Russian sources. As soon he has done with his extracts, I shall send them to you for use in the Diplomatic Review. You would much oblige me by lending me the numbers of the Diplomatic Review referring to the Candia Affairs, and principally the number containing Extracts from the pamphlet of a Garibaldian volunteer. My own numbers I have sent to a friend in Germany.

| With the compliments of the season to yourself and family.

Yours truly
Karl Marx |

C. D. Collet, Esq.
| C. D. Collet, Esq.
Sunny Banks
Highgate |


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