| 13 August.

Dear Jung,

 H. Jung an Marx, 12.8.1869.
Your letter
just received (2 o’clock.)

 Gemeint ist der IV. Kongress der IAA in Basel, vom 6. bis 11. September 1869.
Go at all events.
The sending of Applegarth by its his own Union will show to the continentals that the English workmen are not so indifferent in regard to the „International“ as their illwishers say.

It is only a pity that Applegarth does not even assist at our present discussions, so as to be able to represent our views.

If care be not taken, the asses of Denmarkstreet may work mischief. A letter ought also to be written to  Antoni Żabicki.
our Pole
—I have not his address.

Yours truly
K. M.


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