| Bencliffe Mill
Eccles Aug 12/69.

Dear Sir

F. Engels Esqr

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of yours this morning Enclosing cheque for £ 50. for which I am sure the Members of the L. & B. S. will feel very grateful, seeing that it is an act of benevolence and not compulsion.

I have consulted with some of the members of the commitee, who thought if the members or work people /  Am unteren Blattrand.
/ | could have used it as a farewell present in the shape of a trip or otherwise at the coming wakes, it would fill all hearts with joy gratitude & sentiment toward the employer whom we have parted with This of course rest with yourself & I thank you heartily & hope you may be spared long to enjoy the fruits of your labours, on behalf of the Commitee.

I am
yours truly
President, Isaac Blears


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