| Manchr 9th July 1869.

Dear Jenny

My best thanks for  J. Marx (Tochter) an Engels, 24.6.1869 und J. Marx (Tochter) an Engels, 2.7.1869.
your two kind letters
and for the Beer which arrived safely on Wednesday and was tried on Thursday after a day’s settling

I have just been into the cellar to fetch another bottle up, it is very nice, and Lizzie especially likes it because it reminds her more of her beloved “Bavarian” than the regular Vienna Beer. There is no doubt it will soon be emptied, and the more so as I am afraid it will not last keep very long in hot weather, being lighter than the common Vienna Beer, so that there will be plenty of pretexts for taking frequent “headers” into the cellar and fetching up a bottle or two of “that same”.

I, and indeed all of us, were very much amused with your description of that highly aristocratic soirée. That little bit of a  Siehe J. Marx (Tochter) an Engels, 2.7.1869 und Beil.
printed caution about mobbing
, & the fact of its being sent round with the invitations, is more than characteristic of “that lot”, as we say here in Lancashire. Very good, too, on the part of these Britishers, to describe this, their own darling “vulgar habit” as one “common throughout Europe”—common, indeed, wherever the British | snob—and the snob and the flunkey is at the bottom of all of them—puts his foot! Ich möchte doch einmal den Ort auf dem Continent sehn wo ein solches Circular bei solcher Gelegenheit erlassen würde. Übrigens geht aus der ganzen Geschichte klar hervor, dass die Beimischung reicher upstarts auch in den aristokratischen Regionen anfängt, die Überhand zu bekommen & in fact, is now swamping “society”. Desto besser. Deine Beschreibung, wie das Circular, passen ganz auf unsre Manchester mock-“society” & je mehr sich das feine Gesindel in London manchestrisirt, desto erfreulicher für uns.

I am just now in the honey-moon of my newly-recovered liberty, and you will not require to be told that I enjoy it amazingly. As my eye, although very much better, still requires a little Schonung, I have not yet settled down to regular work & indeed shall not be able to do so until all my business affairs are regularly settled, which will take about a month. In the mean time I walk about a good deal with Tussy & as much many of the family, human and canine, as I can induce to go with us. We have just come back from a long walk through | the fields to Heaton Chapel, about 5 or 6 miles the way we went, Tussy, Lizzie, Mary Ellen, myself & two dogs, and I am specially instructed to inform you that these two amiable ladies had two glasses of beer a-piece (this is the vernacular Lancashire in which I got my orders). No wonder I had to bring them home by the train (we have a station about seven minutes’ walk from our house), but no sooner arrived, than they walked, in common with me, into your Lager Beer. Now they are getting their tea ready, or getting themselves ready for it, I don’t know which, and after that there will be a reading of Irish novels which is likely to last till bedtime or nearly so, unless relieved by a bit of talk about the “convicted nation”. Anyhow, they seem to like it and so it’s all right to me.

Inzwischen schicken sie Dir alle die herzlichsten Grüsse, & ich thue dasselbe.

Von Herzen Dein
F. Engels.

Wenn Du & Mohr nicht vor Ende dieses Monats nach Deutschland geht oder nicht vor Ende September zurückkommt, so wär’ es wohl möglich dass ich Euch dort irgendwo träfe.



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