| Monday Berlin, Reading Room of Reichstag. Written in great hurry; I only arrived last night, and have to go into a Sitzung in a few minutes.

Dear Mohr!

Schweitzers “Schweinereien” with Hofstetten will be published in the “Zukunft”; to that I refer you. As for his political infamies, I will only send you two little samples; (but I must have the papers back.) More bye and bye. At all events be very careful. Schw. will be destroyed now, and by any concession made to him the I. W. A. would only be compromised.—As I am too much occupied now, I shall cause several people to send you details about his doings.—

 Vermutlich W. Liebknecht an Engels, 12.4.1869.
Send the enclosed to Engels
. We shall take such a price for the  Friedrich Engels: Der deutsche Bauernkrieg (1850). Siehe Marx an Engels, 3.3.1869. In der Folge erschienen 1870 zwei neue Drucke von Friedrich Engels' „Der deutsche Bauernkrieg“, zum einen in Fortsetzungen vom April bis Oktober im „Volksstaat“ und zum anderen ein „2., mit einer Einleitung versehener Abdruck“ im Verlag des „Volksstaats“. Siehe MEGA2 I/10 und Friedrich Engels: Vorbemerkung zu „Der deutsche Bauernkrieg“ (1870). In: MEGA2 I/21. S. 167-174 und S. 1490-1493.
as will ensure a small profit,—may be a large one; and the profit shall be for the Gen. Council.

About  IV. Kongress der IAA in Basel vom 6. bis 11. September 1869.
the Congress of the I. A.
the necessary arrangements will be made in time.

Now I have a favour to ask. | We owe Eccarius about 30 Thaler;—for the last quarter—he sends a most lamentable letter, and just this moment we have no money. Could you lay out that sum, or part of it—in a few weeks you will get the money back. My word of honour for it.

Thanks for the portrait—it is splendid. We shall talk with a good photographer here, if we cannot come to an arrangement with him, we shall send it to Hannover.

My congratulations to the Grandpapa!

Does Jenny not think of imitating Laura’s example?

How is your wife? Mine has been very ill, and has not quite recovered yet.

To Contzen I shall write. He has left Leipzig long | ago.

 Nach „E.“ für Wilhelm Eichhoff und „B.“ für Sigismund Ludwig Borkheim hat Marx jeweils „++“ als Einfügungszeichen gesetzt und seine Bemerkungen dazu für Engels unter Liebknechts Brief geschrieben (siehe Marx an Engels, 16.4.1869).
E. I had always defended against B.

Becker is in Vienna, a greater “Lump” than ever, though that appears incredible. He is despised by the workmen.

Do not neglect Oberwinder! Vienna must be held!

My love to you and yours

Your old


Wilhelm Liebknecht an Karl Marx in London. Berlin, Montag, 12. April 1869. In: Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe digital. Hg. von der Internationalen Marx-Engels-Stiftung. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. URL: http://megadigital.bbaw.de/briefe/detail.xql?id=M0000998. Abgerufen am 01.02.2023.