| University Hall.
Gordon Square W.C
8 March 1869

Dear Dr Marx

I think it is quite right that the Paris workmen should bear in mind that the opposition champions are thoroughly hostile to them on the most important questions; but whether it is wise and patriotic to urge them not to coalesce with the | men of 1848 for the purpose of getting rid of Bonaparte is another thing. For my part I am inclined to think that the dethronement & punishment of the latter is so pressing a necessity that all differences should be sunk for the time. Moreover Vermorel appears to me to be too | ready to denounce his opponents as villains. I am not disposed to be tender to the bourgeoisie & their economic teachers. But I have no doubt they sincerely believe that they have got hold of the true philosophy, & I dare say that as individuals they are neither better nor worse than the partisans of the other schools. In | fact I believe there is generally more private virtue on the side of the “status quo” than on that of revolution. But just as I protest against Revolutions being judged by the lives of Revolutionists so I think it a mistake to suppose that a conservative is likely to be a bad man because he defends a bad cause.

I have ordered Vermorels book Les hommes de 1848.

Yours very truly
E S Beesly


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