| Wednesday 17

Dear Mohr!

I received your letter half an hour ago, and have already written to Eichhoff in Berlin, to whom I had already given the necessary instructions after having got your first letter. I hope he will arrange the affair. The only copy I have here, I shall send to Asher to day yet.

That I have broken with Schweitzer you know from the Paper. It could not be helped. He has conspired and intrigued against the unity of our party; I put him to the test with our Resolution (in favour of an alliance and then combination of the different Trades’ Unions) and I caught him now. I shall be very friendly to the Verein, but with Schw. there will be no armistice any more. Bye the bye our Societies have by far more members than the Allg. D. Arb. and our Trades’ Unions are already as strong as those of Schw. though we began 5 weeks later. The perfidy of Schw. in shutting us out of the Berliner “Congress” was all the greater, because he knew that I had started the idea in Germany.

The Penny affair is awkward, but shall be arranged somehow. I must have misunderstood your letter. You know, we have not exactly entered the I.A.A. and it was my opinion, we were simply the German | branch of the I.A.A. and but privately united with the other bodies. However I shall talk with Bebel and a remedy must be found.

Entre nous, I shall most likely go to Vienna in the course of a few months, here things are in good order and there I can do more. In any case I shall get Eccarius a situation in Vienna. To day I received from him the enclosed note. I sent him as much as I could. We are very poor and shall never be able to pay him more than 2 reichstaler a letter. With that he cannot live. In Vienna I have many friends and if he is willing, he can live there very well and be of the greatest use to his party. You want to pay us for the Paper; of course we cannot take anything from you; in case the money burns your fingers you may send it to poor Eccarius.

I myself am not richer than in London. Whenever I think I can earn a good lot of money I have to do some political work. In fact I am so overworked that I must think of a change.

Apropos: Oberwinder in Vienna wants your biography for his Almanach. Send him the leading facts immediately. | Don’t neglect it. Vienna is quite ours, and it will most likely be the centre of the political life of Germany, certainly of the working class movement.

We are all well. Alice and my wife send their love. So do I.

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and yours.


The Hatzfeldt gang is crushed, exists only on paper.

If anything could be done for Eccarius for a short time only, I charge myself with providing for him. See to it. The thought of that honest brave fellow starving,—a pauper—will spoil my Christmas dinner.

What you read in the papers about Blind is written by Blind—of course; he has not the influence of a flea; and is a ridiculous personage even in the eyes of his friends. I have not had an opportunity of attacking him, but it will come.

Oberwinder’s address:

Heinrich Oberwinder Dreihufengasse 11



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