| Sunny Bank, Hornsey Lane
9 November 1868

My dear Sir

I am very much obliged to you for  Siehe Marx an C. Dobson Collet, 2.11.1868.
your note of this day week
. I will forward a copy to Mr Urquhart. But pray tell me

  • 1 Is the Russian Loan, of which you speak, the one | which has just been denied to exist, as a previous one?
  • 2 Supposing Russia, though a Greek firm, were to deposit a million sterling in the Bank of England, and to withdraw it at a time when the Bank could not pay it without violating the Act of 1844, could not the | bankruptcy of the Bank be averted by an Order in Council suspending the Act—

I do not mean that the Act does not throw much power into  Andere Lesart: Russian.
hands, but does it go the length of enabling her (the English government being unwilling) to compel the Bank of England to stop payment—

Yours faithfully

Dr Marx


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