/ 28 Oct 1868
London 1 Modena Villas, Maitland Park
Haverstock Hill

Dear Sir,

Your letter to Mr. Eccarius, de dato 3. currentis has been duly communicated by him to the General Council of the Intern. W. Assoc. He has been reappointed as our corresponding Secretary for America, but is at present too ill to fulfil his functions.

The General Council has appointed Mr. S. Meyer and Mr. August Vogt as its German-American correspondents and Mr. Pelletier as its French-American correspondent. I beg to recommend you these citizens.

The General Council being itself yearly elected by the General Congress, it is self-understood that all its nominations can | only be valid for the current year, if they bee not renewed.

Yours fraternally
Karl Marx

Wm. J. Jessup, Corresponding Representative for State of New York, Nat. Lab. Union
11 Norfolk Street, New York City



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