| 17th of July 1868.

Dear Williams!

I am glad to have had news from you! Though bad ones. I hope poor Jane and Tussy are well again by this time. How is your health?

On the 30th of this month I shall marry, a Miss Reh in Darmstadt, daughter of the late Vice-President, resp. President of the Frankfurt Parliament, a fanatic “Kaisermacher” formerly, but brought to his senses by 1866. My bride—a distant relation, her grandmother was my grandfather’s sister—is very clever, healthy and good natured, 29 years old and an excellent housekeeper. I could not live on in the old manner. Either I had to separate from my children or to do what I am going to do. At the next opportunity I shall send you her photograph.

Now some matters of business.

1) The article about the Capital will appear in next number. For this it came too late.

2) You know, my plan was to draw the Arbeiterbildungsvereine over to us. Now I am on the point of reaching what I wanted. On the next Vereinstag in Nürnberg (Septbr. 6 & 7) the proposition will be made and carried, to enter the Int. A. A. But we are unable to pay much or even anything besides what we have to pay. Therefore it would be desirable, if we could simply constitute ourselves as the German Section of the I. A. A. So we should have no extra expenses, or very little ones. Of course a constant cooperation with the other sections would be required. | Tell me immediately whether this is possible (I have to give an answer at the next meeting of our Volksverein, Thursday) and tell me further, whether we shall have to treat about common affairs with Geneva or with London direct? I should think the latter. Pray don’t let me wait for an answer, the affair is important, and if the thing can be managed as above stated, success is certain.

3) Contzen has left Leipzig and I have not heard of him since. In Berlin I had unfortunately no opportunity of referring to your work, because the Gewerbegesetz was not discussed. In Vienna, as Richter writes me the „Capital“ is much read and admired. The articles of the „Social Democrat“ you know. The “Felleisen” in Zürich brings long excerpts; in the report of the Leipzig chamber of Commerce you are mentioned as an authority and so on. – In fact, you are fast taking the position due to you.

4) Urged by many members of the Allg. D. Arb. considering the more correct policy pursued by the “Soc. Dem.” since about half a year, considering | the fact that Schweitzer was and is prevented from selling himself by some watchful members of the Verein, considering last not least your letters to Schw. which he showed ostentatiously—I have made something like an alliance with Schw. on the following conditions: 1) You are the chief; 2) the Allg. D. Arb. either enters (or if that is impossible) acknowledges the I. A. A. This will be done at the next Conferenz of the A. D. A. The Hatzfeldt section we take between two fires.

5) The Swiss Arbeiterbildungsvereine whose organ the “Felleisen” is will enter the I. A. A. So with one stroke you will gain whole Switzerland and Germany. Apropos, you may mention what I wrote you, to the Council of the Ass. but don’t let anything be printed yet, for reasons of prudence.

6) I have to invite you or Eccarius or any official member of the I. A. A. to Nürnberg. It would be good if a Delegate could come from London. Nürnberg is of greater importance to us than Brussels; at Nürnberg 20,000 men are to be gained and through them 2 millions.

Fare well. Baby is well. Alice is with my sister near Giessen; I bring her back with me, when I return from Darmstadt, where I go next Sunday week. On August the 10th I am again in Leipzig. My love to you all; tell your wife, I should have written her long ago, but I was (and am) really overwhelmed with work and trouble.

Your true Miller.

/ An article about and against Lassalle showing his plagiarism and his inferiority to his predecessors would be invaluable to me at the present moment. /



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