| My ever laughing Engels,

If you find my English good, I find your French astonishing, and you have not near you such a pretty master to correct your mistakes as I have. The French “grisettes” who have taught you, have so well  earnded.
their money that you  would.
need them no longer for that purpose.

Although very conceited I never had so great an opinion of the vigour of my logic as to believe I could beat a square German head: I had indeed received some hints that you would come before I asked you; that obliges me to thank you twice over for having had the intention and for wanting to give to my letter the merit of it. My Laura is delighted at the idea | of your coming. She will teach me German if there is room enough in my confused brain for a new language.  Eleanor Marx.
and Marx believe that it has been submitted to too great a softening process; I hope that some years of rest and intellectual good digestion may restore it to its former hardness.

Au revoir, come as early as possible to allow me to see you before this great day; on which I shall be on pins and needles & unable to listen to you or anybody else.

Votre devoué PLafargue

P. S. Marx has told me that you were beginning your English articles. If you could finish them before my starting from London it would be a good thing, as I should be able to take them to Beesly who will certainly get them inserted in the Fortnightly Review.



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