| Leopoldstadt

Dear Dr Marx.

I have several times passed the palace (everything in New Vienna is palatial) at the top of which is perched the office of the International Revue of which you have spoken to me more than once.

I should like to strengthen my relations in Vienna.

Can you give me a letter of introduction to the Editor or Manager? I think I could write an article for it once a year say.

Will you make out the letter in the name of P. Fox André.

I send you a copy of the new Constitutional laws. The papers here are | sorry for the exposure of the weakness of “proud England”, as made by the Fenians.

I find myself at home here & I wish I could stay. The people are in good humour & everything is going ahead.

Yours much obliged
P. Fox.

P.S. Send to me P. Fox André

poste restante


Dr Marx
1 Modena Villas.
Haverstock Hill




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