| 11 Braustrasse
Nov. 26.

Dear Frederick,

I received your letter and am glad that you approve of my doings. Don’t think I feel flattered by the praise of the Particularists; and further don’t think, I neglect studying M.’s giant work. Unfortunately I only got it after my return from Berlin, and being much occupied I have not yet been able to work myself through it.

The papers at my disposal are: 1) Zukunft; 2) Volkszeitung of Hannover, 3) Oberreinische Courier, Freiburg i.B. 4) Neue Basler Zeitung, Basel, 5) Correspondent (Printers’ Organ) and 6) Süddeutsche Presse, (I don’t write for it, but Fröbel has asked me, and I can put anything in.) Perhaps  | Frankfurter Zeitung.

I forgot the “Arbeiterhalle” at Mannheim, organ of the German Arbeiterbildungsvereine, (formerly Schulzeish) now under the presidentship of my friend Bebel.

Besides through Contzen, a Privat Docent here, I hope to get an article into one of the Reviews.

At all events send me an article, I shall take care to have it published in several papers.

I don’t know whether M. told you that I shall have a little weekly from Jan. 1. Please write something for it now and then. And could you not | place a few shares (à 5 reichstaler 1 reichstaler and ½ reichstaler)?

In hot haste

W. L.

This is enclosed in a letter to the Editor of the Beehive, who wrote to me. Could you give me some particulars about that paper, which is very little known to me? Has the I. W. A. no organ of its own?




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