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My dear Marx

Je suis fâché que vous n’ayez pas pu assister  Die Sitzung des Generalrats am 12. November 1867. Siehe Minutes of the General Council 1867–1869. S. 525.
à notre assemblée de mardi
& j’espére que la cause qui vous empêchait d’y assister n’est pas grave.

 Auf der Sitzung des Generalrats vom 5. November 1867 erklärte Peter Fox André, daß er von seiner Funktion als Korrespondierender Sekretär für Amerika zurückzutreten gedenke, um freie Hand zu haben für die bezahlte Mitarbeit am „Bee-Hive Newspaper“. Jung, der die Sitzung leitete, trat entschieden dagegen auf. (Minutes of the General Council 1867–1869. S. 524.6–16.) Über Marx’ Position siehe ebenda. S. 524.17–21. Auf der Sitzung am 12. November 1867 wurde ein Brief von Fox André verlesen, in welchem dieser seinen Rücktritt offiziell mitteilte und Jung beschuldigte, die englischen Mitglieder aus dem Generalrat verdrängen zu wollen. Die anwesenden Ratsmitglieder unterstützten Jung und beschlossen, die Angelegenheit zur Klärung an das Ständige Komitee weiterzuleiten. (Siehe Minutes of the General Council 1867–1869. S. 525.7–16. Siehe auch Peter Fox André an Marx, 25. November 1867.
At our last meeting a letter of Fox’s was read containing a series of attacks & charges against me;
although I was greatly concerned at the reading of that letter I treated the matter very lightly at the time, but since then I find there are charges that I can not let pass unnoticed. For instance he says: that I have driven 2 English members out of the council & that if I am left to act as I do now I shall soon break up the council;   Anspielung auf einen Vorfall auf der Sitzung des Generalrats vom 9. Oktober 1866. Siehe Minutes of the General Council 1866/1867. S. 491.5–11 und S. 1560.
in another place he attributes interested motives to me
& then again he says many members of the council are with him.

Now I really do not remember having ever acted in such a manner as to drive english members out of the council, but Fox says many members of the council are with him & although I do not know who those members are still I must suppose that they | know better how to appreciate my conduct than I do.

I think I could afford to laugh at his insinuations about money matters; those who know me must know that if I have had some ambitious designs in joigning the council I certainly could not make such a fool of myself as to attempt to make money by it; but there are others who do not know me & if they should ever know me I want them to know me by my deeds & not by Fox’s nasty & mean letter.

That letter was referred to the sub-com: Saturday the 23 inst; I said I would not attend the sub-com: unless Fox was there; now there is   Siehe Meeting of the General Council and of members and friends of the Association November 19, 1867. In: Minutes of the General Council 1867–1869. S. 526–528.
next Tuesday’s sitting
& I find myself in a very anomalous position: |  Siehe Meeting of the General Council November 12, 1867: „Cit. Jung proposed & Cit. Lessner seconded that the Fenian Question be discussed on Tuesday Nov. 19. Unanimously carried.“ (Minutes of the General Council 1867–1869. S. 525.25–26.) Zur Fenian siehe Marx an Engels, 2.11.1867 „Der Fenian Prozeß ...“ und Erl. – Über die Sitzung des Generalrats vom 19. November 1867 siehe Marx an Engels, 30.11.1867 „Wenn Du die Blätter gelesen ...“ und Erl. 
I proposed that the Fenian question should be discussed next Tuesday
& it certainly will look strange if I do not attend; on the other hand the hints & half made accusations contained in Fox’s letter still overhang my head

well! I hardly know what to do! I feel disheartened, discouraged & disgusted; I am half a mind to throw up my office & to stick to watchmaking; if our association was more firmly established I would not keep my place for another minute; but see how shaky it is still! I can not make up my mind to such a cowardly act as to leave the council just now.

| Excuse my bad writing & this foolish epistle; I am so undecided & Indecision is death to me.

Remember me to  Jenny Marx.
Mrs Marx
& to your charming  Jenny, Laura und Eleanor Marx.
& believe me.

fraternally yours
Hm Jung.

16 Nov. 1867.



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