| 27 Rathbone Place
Novr 7/67.

Dear Dr Marx

I have received your gift of Das Kapital.

I am not quite, though almost, in the position of a man who received an elephant as a present and did not know what to do with it, for I really mean to devour it, only as my powers of digestion in the direction of political economy are very small | I shall require about a twelvemonth to finish the meal.

I intend to commence to-night.

The fact that the work is in German is an attraction rather than otherwise as shall learn a number of technical phrases, which in German will be new while in English I have long since grown tired of them.

Ricardo’s “Theory of rent” | and Proudhon’s “Mutualité” are solidaires in my mind. Tolain’s refrain of “Solidarité” may go along with MacCulloch’s “Convertibility”, the one being sacred English abracadabra & the other sacred French ditto.

Samuel Morley & I have had a long interview on the necessity of agitating the people to overthrow Bullionism.

A conference of the working class leaders is to be held at the Currency | Reform Union in Old Jewry on Monday night to consider my plan.

Yours obliged
Peter Fox.


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