| Sunny Bank-Hornsey Lane
19 October 1867

My dear Sir

A Select Committee of the House of Commons receives its power specially from the House.—These powers are to send for persons, papers and records and to examine witnesses but not upon oath.—A Select Committee | of the House of Lords derives its powers specially from the House and has, besides the powers already mentioned, the power of examining witnesses upon oath, the House of Lords being a court of law.—

I think a Royal Commission has no more power than a Committee of the House of Commons but I am not sure whether it | has not also the power of examining upon oath.—

The power of pardoning professed by the Trades Union Commissions is granted by special Acts of Parliament.—

 Diese Quelle konnte nicht ermittelt werden. Marx hatte sich sich hierüber erkundigt (Marx an C. D. Collet, zw. 8. u. 14.10.1867), um Wilhelm Liebknecht eine entsprechende Auskunft über das britische Parlament geben zu können. Siehe W. Liebknecht an Marx, 8.10.1867 und Erl. sowie Marx an Engels, 14.10.1867.
I forward an old copy of the Orders of the House of Commons
which please to return when you have quite | done with it.—

The subject will probably be treated at length in  Die Quelle konnte nicht ermittelt werden.
May’s book on the House of Commons
.—I am sorry that I am too busy at home to be able to go to the  The British Museum.
and search it for you.—

Yours very truly
Dr. Marx


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