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Northampton Square.

Dear Marx.

I have some engagements to meet  14. Oktober 1867. Siehe H. Jung an Marx, 5.10.1867.
by monday next
, could you oblige me by returning me the £ 4.– I lent you some time since; if it should be putting you out too much to give me the whole, half of it will be very welcome; please to let me know  12. Oktober 1867. Siehe auch H. Jung an Marx, 5.10.1867.
by saturday

 William Broadhead, einer der Verantwortlichen für die sogenannten Sheffield Outrages, dem für seine Aussagen zu den gewalttätigen Unruhen Immunität zugesichert wurde, und der – trotz zugegebener Schuld – Mitglied Gewerkschaft blieb. Siehe E. S. Beesly an Marx, 24.7.1867 und Erl.
I feel quite disgusted with the cowardly behaviour of the trades unions “leaders” concerning Broadhead
; I was a good mind to attend their meeting last night & to move an amendment; but I did not do so, simply on account of our association, for I thought it would place our council in an awkward position vis-à-vis the trades unions.

| Nevertheless I think something ought to be done to bring about a reaction in the public opinion; if I had time I would write a letter to the papers because I believe that if one single voice was bravely raised in defence of Broadhead, the common sense would get the better of the working classes & they would be sure to come round again, but as it is they are staggered & will be some time before they come to their senses again.

Unfortunately to write such a letter would take me a good time & I have none to spare; I leave it to you, if not to defend at least to extenuate B.’s acts; I’ll only say this: that whatever you may write I shall not hesitate to sign my name at the bottom.

Fraternally yours
Hn Jung.

Remember me kindly to  Jenny Marx.
Madame Marx
& to the  Jenny, Laura und Eleanor Marx.



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