| Assises, St. George’s Hall,
August 17th 1867.

My dear Marx

I have received  Über die Autoren des beigelegten Briefes siehe E. Jones an Marx, 21.8.1867.
the enclosed letter
presumably from Paris; the signatures (excepting one,) I cannot read;—

the address of the writer is not given; and the objects to which I am to give my adhesion are not stated.

Now, if you can enlighten me on all these, I shall | have much pleasure in answering the letter.

Entre nous, I don’t wonder at Napoleon getting the better of the French Republicans, if they managed their business in such a manner.

I write to you, as you know my principles and probably know | something of the writer.

With kind regards to all your circle,

Believe me,
Sincerely your’s
Ernest Jones.

| Please return the enclosed.



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