| Octbr. 1, 66.

Dear Engels!

 Zu Liebknechts Absicht, eine Zeitung herauszugeben, siehe Erl. zu W. Liebknecht an Marx, zw. 8. u. 15.5.1866. Siehe auch W. Liebknecht an Marx, 10.8.1866. Der beigelegte Prospekt der „Mitteldeutschen Volks-Zeitung“ (Leipzig) konnte nicht ermittelt werden.
I enclose you a Prospectus of the Mitteldeutsche Volkszeitung.
Originally this paper was founded 5 years ago by “honest democrats” (Confusionarii) became soon quite  Siehe Erl. zu W. Liebknecht an Marx, 25.5.1866.
, attacked us, and was attacked in return, had to be sold because we had robbed it of almost all its Abonnenten, was offered to me, bought by me (!!) and a friend as rich as I for a trifle, and handed over to a committee, out of which sprang the Share-company, that published the enclosed prospectus.  Die „Mitteldeutsche Volks-Zeitung“ (Leipzig) wurde am 29. August 1866 von der preußischen Stadtkommandatur für zunächst vier Wochen verboten; siehe auch Erl. zu W. Liebknecht an Marx, zw. 8. u. 15.5.1866. Sie Anfang Oktober 1866 erneut herauszugeben scheiterte.
For one month I edited the paper with some success, until it was suppressed by the Prussians four weeks ago;
and now we are waiting for the conclusion of peace, when it shall reappear again.

The “Mitteldeutsche” will be an organ of the International W. Ass. and expects articles from you and  Karl Marx.
; and besides articles it expects some more substantial assistance in the form of shares and Abonnements. Please, do what you can,—the more shares and subscriptions our party takes, | the greater is my (and our) influence in the direction of the paper.

As to the Abonnements I need hardly tell you, that they have to be taken in England at the Post-office.

Please to send the prospectus filled up to me;  Otto Freytag.
Advokat Freytag
, mentioned in it, is overworked now, and has several cases of Cholera in his house.

 Nach Verkündung einer Amnestie 1866 in Preußen, anlässlich des Sieges über Österreich, glaubte Liebknecht, seine Ausweisung aus Preußen vom Sommer 1865 (siehe Erl. zu Marx an W. Liebknecht, 15.1.1866) wäre hinfällig. Er war offen nach Berlin gekommen, aber am 2. Oktober 1866 nach einer Versammlung im Verein der Buchdruckergehilfen dort verhaftet und am 19. Oktober zu drei Monaten Gefängnis (bis 17. Januar 1867) verurteilt worden. Siehe Offizieller Bericht des Königlichen Polizeipräsidiums in Berlin an Ernestine Liebknecht vom 15. Oktober 1866 über die Verhaftung Liebknechts (RGASPI, Sign. f. 200, op. 3, d. 23) und Offizieller Bericht des Stadtgerichts Berlin an Ernestine Liebknecht vom 15. Oktober 1866 über die Verhaftung Liebknechts (IISG, Wilhelm Liebknecht-Nachlass, Sign. 482). Siehe L. Kugelmann an Marx, 11.10.1866; J. Ph. Becker an Marx, 15.11.1866; S. Meyer an Marx, 3.12.1866 und Marx an Engels, 8.12.1866. Siehe auch Bernstein: Geschichte der Berliner Arbeiter-Bewegung. Teil 1. S. 151.
I am at present in Berlin (since 3 days) and shall stop till the 4th inst.
Amongst the working classes there is good democratic feeling, but the bourgeoisie is thoroughly corrupted.  Johann Jacoby.
owned that to me yesterday, and I think he will quite come round to us. Groote too, who is the best of the whole lot , though a little narrow in his ideas; but full of energy and—gall.

 Über eine Zuwendung von Engels an Liebknecht gibt es keine Anhaltspunkte.
Your 5 £. note
I had to use after all, and could have used several more if I had had them. From the moment I had to unfurl our banner here I was | systematically deprived of all sources of existence; then came  Der sich abzeichnende Deutsche Krieg von 1866.
the war crisis,
and last not least the suppression of the paper, which blow took every farthing from me; the shares not being taken yet, and nobody having money enough to advance me my salary. From this you see that if you send some money you will oblige not only our “party” but also my own poor self, at least to some extent. (Here I am as the guest of a manufacturer, who took me over from Leipzig and will also pay the journey back. His name is Schütte, 97 Ritterstr.) The money invested in shares is not lost; we have already 1500 subscribers, the number was fast increasing when the paper was suppressed, and the suppression has made us only the more popular. The “Caution” of 2000 reichstaler is paid. In fact the Mitteldeutsche is not a sham but a reality, and as all the noteworthy democrats of Germany have promised their assistance I hope it will become worthy of the principles I shall try to advocate in it.

I am in a hurry. So excuse me.

Your J. Miller, 10 Bayrische Strasse
Leipzig.      [Ve]rte!

|  Engels schrieb zu Beginn des Deutschen Krieges im Juni/Juli 1866 die 5-teilige Artikelserie „Notes on the War“ für „The Manchester Guardian“ (MEGA² I/20. S. 206–223). Siehe auch Erl. zu H. Morrell Acton an Engels, 18.6.1866 und Erl. zu Marx an Engels, 20.6.1866.
Won't you write anything about the war?
——When will the second Edition of  Friedrich Engels: Die Lage der arbeitenden Klasse in England. Leipzig 1845. Die zweite deutsche Ausgabe erschien erst im Jahre 1892. Siehe auch Erl. zu Marx an Engels, 10.2.1866.
your “Lage” appear?
— Could you not send me your photograph?—

Once more your
J. Miller
10 Bayrische Strasse


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