| 5 Sept. 1866.

My beloved  Eleanor Marx. Siehe auch Marx an L. Marx, 28.8.1866.
master ± ∞ ∓,

I bow to the earth before your immensity, whatever part you may condescend to act, that of the infinitely small or the infinitely grand.

 Offensichtlich konnten nicht alle Briefe von Laura und Eleanor Marx an Familie Marx, geschrieben zwischen 29. August und 5. September 1866, ermittelt werden.
Your letters have enchanted us, and we were really bursting out with laughter on reading that fine passage in which you describe the spontaneous explosion produced by the exhibition spinster.

I am much belaboured by  Paul Lafargue.
a Gorilla offspring
who can hardly stand the separation of from  Laura Marx.
a velvet mouse
he has put his mind upon. If he knew her as well as I do—he would of course be still more Calypso, qui ne pouvait se consoler du départ d'Ulysse. She may be a Calypso, but he is not an Ulysses, with all that. A spoony fellah rather. However, he deserves some praise at my hands.  Karl Marx: Instructions for the Delegates of the Provisional General Council. The different questions. In: MEGA2 I/20. S. 225–235. Lafargue übersetzte diese am 31. August 1866 ins Französische. Siehe Jenny Marx (Tochter) an Jenny Marx, 2. September 1866 (RGASPI, Sign. f. 7, op. 1, d. 214). Es entstand die französische Fassung: Rapport du Conseil Central. Sur les différentes questions mises à l’étude par la Conférence de septembre 1865 (MEGA2 I/20. S. 635–643). Diese Übersetzung trug Eugène Dupont auf der Sitzung des Genfer Kongresses am 4. September 1866 vor; siehe Association Internationale des Travailleurs. Compte rendu du Congrès de Genève (1866). In: MEGA2 I/20. S. 656.16–19.
He has worked hard in // (from 1 o'clock p.m. to 9) in translating the instructions I sent // had to draw up for the Geneva Congress Delegates.
He has worked not less hard as a tailor at certain | gymnastic apparatus you are to y // use. Last, not least, he affects great attention to the scientifick gabble I affect to treat him with, although he and myself are far away from the scene of that mental entertainment.

The day before yesterday  Éléonore und Alfred Lormier.
the Lormiers
were here, and  Paul Lafargue.
the negrillo
too.  Alfred Lormier.
Old Lormier
, on the pretext of having to communicate him some gymnastic trick, told him “secretly”, and discreetly, of course, he must stop that fountain of saliva which, while smoking, he is in the habit of inundating the chimney with. When both returned from the kitchen, where the secret communication was taking place, our poor Negrillo looked rather downcast, and behaved like a “good guy boy ”.

In fact, I like the boy. At the same time, I feel rather jealous of his encroachments upon  Laura Marx.
my old “Geheimsecretair”

Don't forget to write me immediately what you have to pay per week.

The damned weather. I hope it will still mend.

Address of
  Jenny Marx. Siehe auch Marx an L. Marx, 28.8.1866und Erl.
Mrs. Goodbun. Rose and Crown. Dover”.

Adio, my dear child. Many kisses to you and to the immortal  Laura Marx.

Yours 0

/ You don't want to write to Mamma, as she probably leaves Dover on Friday morning for another place. /

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Der Brief besteht aus einem Blatt festem, weißem Papier im Format 113 × 181 mm. Wasserzeichen: „[Joyn]son [1]866“. Marx hat beide Seiten vollständig beschrieben, die letzte Passage kopfstehend, auf der ersten Seite oben. Schreibmaterial: schwarze Tinte.



Karl Marx an Eleanor Marx in Hastings. London, Mittwoch, 5. September 1866. In: Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe digital. Hg. von der Internationalen Marx-Engels-Stiftung. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin. URL: http://megadigital.bbaw.de/briefe/detail.xql?id=M0000169. Abgerufen am 16.04.2024.