| Tuesday, June 5th.

Dear Williams

I did not want to send Stumpf's letter, before having received your answer, but I cannot wait any longer.

S. was here for nearly a week, on a wild goose chase after 1000 reichstaler, no farthing of which he will recover.—What he writes about the Congr. of the I. A. I can only approve of, and I should have given the same advice before, if I had had an idea how to get the money to go there.

Send the cards I asked for. Last Saturday I was at Chemnitz, and spoke before at least 2000 working people about short time etc. organization of the working class movement, and the I. A. If I had had cards, I could have made a dozen of good members! and thousand indifferent ones! However nothing is lost; I shall return there.

The paper affair is progressing. I must soon know, whether I can expect an article now and then (however short) from you and Engels, and whether Eccarius is willing to take the London correspondence once a week (for the beginning) for five shillings (for the beginning).

Next Saturday I start on another tour; could you not let me have the cards till then?

All well here.

Our love to all.

J. Miller.


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