| 47, Princess St.

May 12/66.

Dear Marx

Thanks for the two letters. Hooson, Greening, & the rest of them here, have gone over to the Middleclass movement. As to Hooson & Greening, I believe them still to be honest, but foolish!

I should, as you propose, very much like to deliver an address in London, if it was at St Martins Hall, and the admission free. That, I suppose, cannot be done.

| Can it?

I keep receiving heaps of letters, coinciding with my views, &  Zur Reform League siehe Erl. zu Marx an J. Ph. Becker, zw. 9. u. 15.1.1866, zu Marx’ Position ihr gegenüber siehe Marx an Engels, 6.4.1866.
denouncing the Reform League for supporting the Middleclass Bill.

As to  [Marx,Karl:] Address and Provisional Rules of the Working Men’s International Association [London] 1864 (siehe auch MEGA² I/20. S. 3–15). Ende 1864 hatte Marx einige Exemplare nach Manchester geschickt. (Siehe MEGA² III/13. Br. 37.6–8, Br. 50.5 und Br. 53.4–7.)
Int. Addresses,
I fear I cannot send you any. Some I gave to Engels, some to Hooson, some to Greening—a few I have—but I fear they are mislaid, as, since I got them, I changed my | chambers, as you know, and many things got out of sorts.

If I can find them, I will send them.

Kindest regards at home.

Sincerely your's,
Ernest Jones.

 Zu Marx' Ansichten, einen eventuellen Krieg zwischen Preußen und Österreich betreffend, siehe Marx an Engels, 2.4.1866.
What are your views on the German war
—and its results? Will you let me know? |



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